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Coming Down The Road

It happened just this mornin', you know I woke up feelin' so good,
The sun came over the mountain, just like I always knew it would.
Had another dream about music, you know the kind that they used to play,
There was everyone that I love to hear, marchin' to their own parade.

And they were comin' down the road, playin' that rock n' roll,
And don'tcha feel good 'cause they're comin' down the road.

Saw that orpheum theatre, I heard a thousand screamin' guitars,
There was a greasy-haired boy with a wiggle, they thought he was a man from mars,
Rollin' along with the fat man, a piece of country-fried blueberry pie,
I said to myself "let me hear it on the hill, just one time, one time before I die."


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